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Jake Labate
Jake Labate
SEO Growth Consultant


Total Mortgage

Total Mortgage a privately held mid-market mortgage company headquartered in Milford, CT with over 300 employees and 30 branches across the country. They have been rated several times as one of the fastest growing companies in the US.

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CRO typically refers to the practice of increasing clicks, inquiries, submissions, calls etc on a webpage. This is technically not SEO, but plays a big part in website marketing.

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Total Mortage has a great content talent. What they were lacking is someone with experience converting traffic from that content. I knew a top performer at the company, who referred me to upper management.


I was hired by Total Mortgage to audit an on-page lead conversion (CRO or conversion rate optimization). I conducted an audit of Total Mortgage's primary lead collection source, their main landing page,


I was able to increase the amount of monthly submissions on their pre approval page by 10-15%. With 500 applications per months, this equates to an improvement of 50-75 pre-approvals monthly. Big thanks to Kaushik for working closely with me on this project.


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