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AI for SEO

The recent emergence of AI and LLMs has many marketing professionals confused. My team and I break down the marketing process to its fundamental processes, and deploy technology to achieve each part, AI included.

AI plays a big role in digital


A properly conducted SEO audit factors information from a variety of analytical, performance and content auditing sources, derives the relevant findings, and prioritizes action steps.

Discover areas of opportunity


CRO typically refers to the practice of increasing clicks, inquiries, submissions, calls etc on a webpage. This is technically not SEO, but plays a big part in website marketing.

70% is an average bounce rate

Competitor Analysis

Evaluating competitors' online presence to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for your own SEO strategy. This helps in benchmarking and crafting better approaches to outrank them.

Unclaimed territory yields ROI

Copy Frameworks

Copy and content framworks ensure the meat of the page to deliver hard-hitting messages to webpage visitors.

Turn visitor into customers

Dynamic SEO

Dynamic or programmatic SEO is the practice of utilizing website frameworks to deploy SEO at a large scale. Metadata, schema markup, heading and other website elements can be templates, alleviating manual SEO tasks and ensuring quality.

Modular and scalable assets


EEAT is a group of public Google guidelines. This framework is a major factor of webpage rankability.

Released by Google in 2014

Image SEO

Images and other media are a large part of web. Using certain file types, marking up image metadata, loading images at the right time etc all contribute a high preforming, accessible website.

20% of searches are for images


The first bottleneck of any SEO campaign is ensuring search engines locate and understand your website on the internet (crawling), and deem it valuable enough to show on the web (indexing).

Crawl budget varies per site

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the practice of locating high-ROI areas of website focus (for SEO, PPC etc). What makes a great keyword is high traffic, low competition, transactional intent, and business relivance.

70% of searches are long-tail

Mobile First SEO

Google coined the term "mobile-first indexing"; this refers to mobile SEO factors playing a larger role than desktop, as most search are conducted on mobile devices.

70% of searches are on mobile

Page Speed

Both users and search engines like fast loading webpages. Page speed metrics such as TTI measure how fast content, media, interact-able elements load on a webpage.

Milliseconds can make millions

SEO Data Analysis

KPIs in many marketing campaigns are decided on, and interpreted with error. Understanding what is happing in search, what is ranking, what converting etc is a large part of effective SEO campaigns.

Data tells stories

SEO Strategy

Like the rest of marketing and life in general, having a dedicated team-aligned objective and direction optimizing input, maximizes output and consequently yields a higher campaign ROI.

Have a plan


The SERP is where SEOs compete for the top spots. It's the page the user sees directly after entering a query into Google or other search engines.

Google has 250 ranking factors

Semantic HTML

HTML is equivalent to the skeletal structure if a webpage. Semantic HTML refers to the practice of implementing high-quality standard for this code. This results in greater accessibility by users, and easier crawling by search engines.

Clean, readable code

Site Architecture

Site architecture is to the hierarchical structure of a website. It includes folder names and page pathing, such as "/events/best-event-ever".

Build clean, logical pathways

Structured Data

SD is code that allows a webpage to be eligible for "rich results" in the search engine results pages. These are dynamic, visual, informative assets shown direct in search engines.

SD increases CTR by 10%+

Technical SEO

This refers to optimizing a website's infrastructure to ensure search engine bots can crawl and index content efficiently. By addressing issues like site speed and mobile responsiveness, it improves user experience and search rankings.

Crawlers read content too

User Intent Focus

Understanding and addressing the intent behind search queries. By aligning content with what users genuinely seek, websites can improve relevancy, drive more organic traffic, and increase conversions.

Reliably reduces bounce rate

Video SEO

Video SEO consists of topical research, keyword implementation, script writing, thumbnail design, metadata, structured data, distribution etc. Deploying and optimizing a video distribution campaign increases brand awareness, conveys trust and converts.

80% of online time is video

White Hat SEO

Ethical techniques that comply with search engine guidelines to improve site rankings. It focuses on a human audience, ensuring long-term benefits and avoiding penalties that come from manipulative practices.

You're not outsmarting Google

eCommerce SEO

Traffic to an eCommerce website can be paid for or earned. Structured data, CRO, CTR and other SEO efforts can build an asset, a long-lasting digital infrastructure.

Build reliable traffic