Jake Labate, SEO Consultant

The SEO Guy

highly technical; highly strategic

  • SEO growth for SMBs.
  • White label SEO for agencies.
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Organic Growth

For Businesses

Stop spending $1,000/m - $5,000/m on Google ads, earn these leads instead with organic SEO.

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White Label

For Agencies

Instead of only doing basic SEO for your clients, hire us to fulfill SEO work under your agency's name.

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SEO, down to a science.

Framework Approach

Using detailed yet universal frameworks in SEO and marketing in general allows for repeatable & refine-able documentation - "marketing operations".

Analytical Treasure

Analytics tell stories; too many SEOs and marketing professionals more broadly overlook the story being told.

User Experience First

Search engines like Google do not want website to hit their metrics, they want websites to deliver a phenomenal user experience; they merely use these metrics to help determine this.


I build things. Useful things.

BrandWield SaaS

BrandWield SaaS

This solution alleviates the need for small-mid size businesses to hire design, development and SEO talent. Our SaaS framework deploys the best possible customized website for each user in seconds.

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Some names you may or may not know.

Recent Work

Enterprise, data-driven, dynamic SEO framework.
Hooray Agency

Hotel Schema

Hooray manages a large book of clients in the hospitality space. Many of their client's websites are short on schema markup. Hooray needed to implement schema markup on a large range sites, and thus seemed like a very time-intensive project.

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