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Copy to Clipboard


A very easy to use script tag that allows copy functionality. Additional options include custom copy text and custom cursors.


Step 1. Embed The Script Tag

The implement this code resource, simply and paste this code onto your website:

Step 2. Set Attributes

Set Script Tag Attributes

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Set Element Attributes

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1. Activate Functionality
Set the jl-copy-to-clipboard to true to enable functionality. You can set multiple attributes on the same page.

2. Copy Custom Text (optional)
jl-copy-to-clipboard-text="{{your text here}}"
If you wish to set custom text to copy, you can use the jl-copy-to-clipboard-text attribute. Otherwise, the text of the element content will be copied.

3. Set Custom Cursor (optional)
If you want to show a icon when the user hovers over the element, add the jl-copy-to-clipboard-cursor attribute and set it to true.



If you're comfortable with JavaScript, you can add (and potentially alter) the following code directly on your website.

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